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A letter from Olwen Hughes in 2009 to the Leicester Mercury regarding the "Pump and Tap" (Bowstring Bridge)

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What a disgrace

By This is Leicestershire  |  Posted: December 05, 2009
<P>The Pump and Tap</P>
The Pump and Tap
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So, the Pump and Tap pub is being demolished, the most recent victim of the wish by De Montfort University's management body to get hold of as much land as possible in the western part of the city centre so that the university can expand.
Not for them is there any benefit to be gained by adapting what is there already, and keeping everybody happy. No: sweep it all away and ignore what anyone thinks.
It seems to me that this aim has been actively aided by the ruling Labour group on the city council to the extent that this part of Leicester might well now be called De Montfort City.
The victims are, of course, all of us, for we were negligent enough to not vote in large enough numbers to make sure that the Labour Party, or any other for that matter, did not have an overall majority over all the other parties put together at the last local elections.
As one of the pub's customers, Iain Baughan, said (Mercury, November 25): "Nowhere else in the world would anyone dream of pulling them down" (this referring to the Bowstring Bridge and the pub).
Built in 1828, so it is actually a pre-Victorian building, the pub has lasted on this site for 181 years, and has been the happy drinking and socialising venue for countless thousands of people over that time.
Along comes the upstart, never-satisfied-with-what-it-has-got university, aided and abetted by the city council, and its future is gone in a blink.
Soon it will be no more than a memory, as will the bridge at its side, together with the tens of millions of blue bricks behind it, lovingly built by theworkers into the arches and railway that many of us travelled on.
What a disgrace!
Olwen Hughes, Leicester."

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