Sunday, 25 May 2014

Empire Hotel, Fosse Road North

As Leicester Civic Society Webmaster I am seeing all the emails received in support of our current campaigns. This one was sent to Leicester City Council Planning Department in response to the Empire Hotel one.
"I understand that Lidl supermarkets have applied to have this listed Georgian building demolished to make way for yet another food store, right next to Tesco's.  Since the Empire IS a listed building, with a considerable amount of Leicester's history attached, it could be opened as a museum of the Newfoundpool area for the local community.  I urge you to consider the application very seriously.  Leicester's cultural and architectural heritage has been eroded considerably in the past to make way for roads and student accommodation and giant supermarkets.....soon there will be nothing left BUT roads, student accommodation and food outlets.  Leicester is a Roman city and could have had the sort of valuable tourism which places like York and Chester enjoy, had it not been for disastrous destruction in earlier decades.  Please preserve ALL the precious heritage that remains, and protect this building, which is listed and should therefore be safe from destruction."

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