Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What happened to the Leicester Waterside vision?

With reference to a recent Leicester Mercury article under the heading "A50 branded worst entrance into city as Vaughan Way shopping and flats complex approved", it is clear that the whole Frog Island area is in desperate need of regeneration.

However, one would hope that any further regeneration would occur in a more sensitive manner that respects Leicester's heritage. This is where the Leicester Waterside vision could come in, which unfortunately seems to have fallen by the wayside and could do with resurrecting.

For background information see here.

As it happens, I attended the Leicester Waterside launch event in August 2011, wearing my Leicester Civic Society, Inland Waterways Association and Friends of the Earth hats – see here. A 39-page presentation (with a rather large file size of 68 MB) is available from here. In case you are not aware, "AshSakula" are architects Cany Ash and Robert Sakula.

Update 5 January 2015:
The announcement: "More than £26 million to be ploughed into regenerating Leicester's run-down waterside area" is very timely! The project is exciting and offers plenty of scope for genuinely sustainable development, but we must remain vigilant and ensure that the sustainability aspect is not watered down.

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  1. My only input would be to heed the example of Leeds. I lived there for a year on the canal/riverfront in an area full of brand new flat blocks. There was supposed to be a big out of the centre retail scene too but the shops closed (even Starbucks!).

    Pubs and historic renovations of old factories and warehouses did very well there and really showed the poor design of the new blocks of flats (whose cladding was either stained by the weather or blown off by it).

    Any waterside regeneration should encourage people to visit but too eager and you'll create an environment which is a flash in the pan or simply drowned out by town.