Saturday, 15 July 2017

A dreadful proposal

In the July 2017 issue of the Leicester Civic Society Chairman's report the following item appeared "Planning Application 20170973: 1, ST. ALBANS ROAD: Dreadful proposal for a block of student flats at a house by Stockdale Harrison c1890. Prominent hilltop, corner building at junction of London Road, St. Albans Road and Evington Road. For many years the home of a Dr. Carter, in 1956 the house was converted into a car showrooms and the front garden lost. In 1975 Lloyds Bank took it over and made a fair attempt at healing the damage done to the ground floor front by the careful use of matching bricks. However this proposal wants to undo all of that and construct a huge five floor extension on the car park to the rear. Quite apart from the fact that it will stare straight across at Edwin Lutyen’s recently restored park gates and lodges (Listed Grade 1) this would have an adverse affect on South Highfields, Evington Footpath and New Walk conservation areas. Ena has already objected on our behalf and it goes to CAP on Wednesday 12. There is no objection to building on the car park but it must be at least two stories lower and of a far better design that does not dominate the house. Everyone should object individually please. We have until 01 August."

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